Technical specification of the WELL-PANEL - Premium products

Main technical features of WELL-PANEL - Premium panels

Main technical features of WELL-PANEL® Premium panels

Densitykg/m3950 ± 2%
Impact resistanceKJ/m2≥10
Bending strength of 12 mm thick panelMPa55,2
Tensile strength of 12 mm thick panel (average)N/mm22,33
Moisture contentWt/m.K<14,7
K thermal conducivity, ʎWt/m.K≤0,22
Noise insulation, dBdB46
Asbestos and formaldehyde content%0
Moiseture resistance through cyclic testinghours≥500

Comparative table of the physical and mechanical
indices of materials used in construction today

Material / IndexWELL-PANEL 12mmGypsum plaster panel 12.5 mmPortland cement panels 12.5 mm
Compression strengthKN/m220,02,07,0
Bending resistanceMPa55,03,510,0
Themal conductivity, λW/mK≤ 0,22≤ 0,37≤ 0,15
InflammabilityclassNon-flammable A1Hardly inflammable A2Non-flammable A1
Thermal linear
expansion -20C +20C
%≤ 0,010,5-2≤ 0,15
Noise killing (1 layer bilaterally)Db462716
Surface hardnessMPa8,31,89,8
Change of geometry in
water medium for time
%≤ 0,30%30%0,35%

General comparative table of WELL-PANEL Premium products and other building materials

PropertiesWELL-PANELGypsum Plaster panelPlywood, OSBPortland cement panels
Fire-resistance and non-flammability
Water and moisture resistance
Mold and insert resistance
Lacquer treatment capacity
Wallpaper base
Base for talence, terracotta, grease
Sound and heat insulation
Environment friendly
Low relative mass

WELL-PANEL - Premium products are widely used in modern building technologies: building of new or refurbishing and refreshing existing front elevations; in the repair of roofs (instead of timber materials); as alternative to existing materials for dry construction; the products have their application in internal spaces, facades and in the open; fire-proofing of metal structures; erection of fire walls; permanent formwork in bridge structures and in excavation works. The material has no competition when it comes to building of saunas, bathroom repairs and shuttering of pool walls as the WELL-PANEL - Premium panels are highly moisture resistant and at the same time insulate and are sufficiently flexible.