Instructions for working with magnesium oxide boards WELL-PANEL

General information for the installer

WELL-PANEL is a unique material that meets the latest requirements set to construction materials. Their composition is different from that of all other panels on the market for dry construction, and is based on MgO.

The dimensions of the WELL-PANEL Premium are 1200/2250 mm, they are grey in color, can be bent, and are always palletized. Both surfaces WELL-PANEL are working surfaces. On one side the sheets are smooth, which makes them ideal for the application of paint, wallpaper or decorative textures. The other side is coarse and provides excellent cohesion when applying ceramic tiles, stone or other decorative materials.

The strength of our magnesium oxide sheets surpasses three times that of gypsum fiberboard, and seven times that of plasterboard. WELL-PANEL sheets weigh less than gypsum sheets or Portland cement (1 m2 of 12 mm thick WELL-PANEL board is only 11,4 kg.), allowing significant reduction of the weight of the structure. At the same time, its high material strength is equal to a group of special panels for dry construction, such as a Aquapanel Knauf, which require specific application.

WELL-PANEL Installation Guide

Handling: WELL-PANEL sheets can be cut, drilled, glued, bent, hold well nails and dowels. WELL-PANEL sheets can be cut with a disk saw or manual disk fretsaw, can be polished with a grinding machine, milled and processed without chunking or forming cracks. Where more complex curved surfaces are to be cut, we recommend the use of professional tools. Rough edges, if necessary, can be smoothed with manual milling cutter. When sanding the panels, the wearing of dust mask is recommended.

Structures - For the construction of partition walls we recommend standard thin-wall profiles of galvanized steel sheets CD, UD, CW, UW, MW of 0,6 mm thickness and UA of 2,0 mm. For the partition you will need to take into account the width of the WELL-PANEL 1200 mm. So, the distance between the vertical axes of the stand should be 400 mm or 600 mm.

Fasteners - for fixing the WELL-PANEL sheet to the supporting structure you will need to use standard tapping screws for AQUAPANEL Knauf. These self-tapping screws have conical heads with edges, making chamfers to prevent cracking when screwed in. They are rustproof, and they have special type Hi-Lo PL AD threads (1). The length of screws for mounting on metal profiles can vary from 22 to 35 mm. For wooden structure, the length of screws for mounting is 45 mm. The distance between screws must be 150 mm to 250 mm maximum. It is recommended for screws to be 20 mm from the edges of the board (2).


Obligatory mounting and joining instructions