Application of WELL-PANEL - Premium Magnesium-Oxide panels in residential construction projects

WELL-PANEL - Premium can be used:

  • as an effective way to fight mold and mildew. Magnesium-oxide boards  are used for building rooms expected to have high humidity, saunas, primarily kitchens, bathrooms and laundry rooms.
  • as protection and lining of all types of metal and timber structures;
  • instead of the sandwich and composite panels in building walls for industrial halls, warehouses, offices
  • as watertight roofing underlay;
  • to construct interior wall and partitions wall lining, especially valued for its sound absorption properties
  • for suspended ceilings
  • as insulation of foundations and lift shafts;
  • for suspended facades, under bay windows and balconies;
  • for the construction of air ducts and ventilation systems, tolerating high temperatures;as small formwork in some road construction works

Recommended thickness of WELL-PANEL - Premium sheets for use in construction:

  • Suspended ceilings – 6 mm
  • Paneling of exterior walls, under bay space and balconies – 10 mm
  • Lining of interior walls – 6 mm
  • Construction of self-supporting wall structures and partitions – 10 mm
  • Floors – 2x12 mm
  • Roofs and insulation under tiles or waterproof materials for flat roofs – 10-12 mm
  • Formwork – more than 18 mm (after consulting the engineers/builders)
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